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Top Three Services For a Gojek Clone App
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Gojek is an app that provides on-demand services such as, taxis, food delivery, payments, etc. Think of it as an Uber for everything. Instead of having multiple applications on your phone for each service, you can just use a single app and you’re done. Gojek originated in Indonesia and quickly became the go-to application for people seeking on-demand services.

Gojek Clones

The Gojek app originated in Indonesia, but the idea goes far beyond just that. However, starting an online multi-service platform is not that easy. You’ll need a team of designers and developers to put in the hours. Not to mention investing money and getting resources that work.

This is where clone scripts come in. By using a clone script, you can eliminate the hassle that comes with building and designing a new application. All you need to do is a few modifications to the existing script, and you’re all set to launching your own multi-service business.

Sparkout Tech’s Gojek clone is one of the best clones that you’ll find out there. They provide customized services for each business and have a really clean and professional user interface.

Top 3 Services for a Gojek Clone App

Food Delivery Service

Food delivery is the number one service people use multi-service apps for. This makes it a must-have service for your multi-service app.

Taxi Booking

Getting a cab in the busy city traffic is a hassle for everyone. This becomes an even bigger headache in the outer areas of the city. A trusty cab service right on your mobile phone is your best bet in these cases. Instead of having a separate application for cabs, it's much more convenient to have it on a multi-service app. So consider adding it to your Gojek clone.

Mobile Wallet and Online Payments

The days of “Liquid Money” are fast diminishing. It’s much more convenient, not to mention safer, to pay directly from your mobile phone. Most service apps accept mobile payments. However, having a separate app for payments is just another hassle. It’s a lot easier to have it on a single app. So adding a mobile wallet and online payment service to your Gojek clone is a good idea.

Click Here: https://www.sparkouttech.com/multi-service-app/

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